Tuesday -  September 27, 2016


These following instructions take precedence over any text or e-mail messages you may receive.


All jurors must check each night after 5 pm for the entire week.


Your juror number is the 4-digit number appearing on your juror badge.  All jurors who are not reporting for jury service should go to work or follow your normal routine until you are called to serve.

Jurors assigned to a trial must report according to the Judge's instructions.

Juror numbers 0156 thru 0635 you must report at 9:00AM.


Juror numbers 0636 thru 0995 you are to report for the 1:15 PM session. If you work too far away, then you MUST report at 9:00AM.


Juror numbers 0001 thru 0155, as well as jurors number 0996 and higher you are excused for Tuesday.


All Jurors must check this message after 5:00 PM Tuesday for Wednesday reporting instructions.


Parking is located across the street from the Sun Center Arena on Hamilton Avenue. Jurors will be picked up by the Mercer County Sheriff’s bus beginning at 8:30 AM and runs continuously throughout the day. 


Thank you and have a pleasant evening.