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Family Court Information Center

Room 103, First Floor
Robert N. Wilentz Court Complex
212 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Hours:Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

Community Relations Liaison
(phone) 973-693-6678; (fax) 973-693-6674

The Family Court Information Center serves families that come to the Family Court by providing information about available resources and fostering better relations between the community and the court system.

The center has staff who can answer questions about family court procedures, case status, interpreter’s services, legal resources and other court access issues.

The staff can provide information about legal services, how to select a lawyer, or how to represent oneself, but they cannot provide legal advice.

The center also participates in community outreach efforts that familiarize the public with the judicial system.

The center can arrange courthouse tours, speaking engagements, special events and student internships.

Requests for information can be made by visiting the center, telephoning, faxing, or writing. The center staff will answer questions, make the appropriate referrals, and follow-up

Services Available:

  • Answers to procedural questions about your case
  • Directions to the appropriate court department
  • Information on how to file complaints and other documents
  • Information on community resources and agencies
  • Copies of publications and brochures on court services
  • Pro se motion kits
  • Information on available legal resources
  • A self-service copy machine
  • Courthouse tours
  • Speaking engagements
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