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Probation’s Child Support Enforcement Unit enforces child support orders. The unit monitors child support payments and seeks court action when those payments are overdue.

The role of this unit is the enforcement of court orders received from the Family Division of the Superior Court regarding the collection of child support, medical support and maintenance (alimony). The unit is not responsible for issues involving custody, visitation, equitable distribution or collection of other obligations. Specific responsibility and authority is governed by Federal Statutes Title IV-D and various regulations as defined in New Jersey Court Rules 5:6 and 5:7-4, 5:7-5.


Wage Execution: In October, 1990, the State of New Jersey passed a law that required that all new child support cases or any orders changed after that date be paid by income execution. For cases already in existence, a 14 day delinquency must accrue before income can be attached. Executions can be done against all forms of income - wages, pensions, workmen's compensation, unemployment compensation, and others.

Court: Those who are self-employed, unemployed, or whose employment is unknown are scheduled for an enforcement hearing before a Hearing Officer. Usually a lump sum payment is requested when it is determined that the payor had the ability to pay the support order. When a payor who had been duly served with a summons does not appear for court hearing, a bench warrant for that persons arrest is issued. Bench Warrants are handled by a specialized unit of Support Enforcement Services who work along with a IV-D unit of the Sheriffs Offi