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All court proceedings are recorded with either video/sound equipment or by a live stenographer to produce a “record” of each case. The Department of Reporting Services is the keeper of this record. Transcripts or video/audio tapes can be obtained at a fee to the requester. A deposit must also be made before you can receive your media and/or transcript.

To obtain media or transcripts of a case, a request must be sent in writing to the Department of Reporting Services. However, you must contact them by phone first to coordinate the deposit. Please have the following information available before calling: Name of Judge, exact date(s) of court proceeding, type of court proceeding (trial, plea, sentence, motion, etc.), name of defendant.

Matters heard on video/sound: Upon receipt of the above information, amount of deposit required and transcriber name will be determined. Further instructions for ordering the transcript will then be discussed.
Matters covered by an Official Court Reporter: The call will be forwarded directly to the Court Reporter.

Transcript Fees:

The transcript rate is set by Administrative Regulations. At this time the rates are:

Regular Delivery (30 days) $3.97 per page for the original; $0.66 for each additional copy per page