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FAQs Description
What if I have a specific question or concern about my traffic ticket? Call the Municipal Court where the ticket was issued.
What do I need to search for my traffic ticket or Time Payment Order? To search for a traffic ticket or Time Payment Order, enter the Court ID, Ticket Prefix (if applicable), Ticket Number and License Plate Number.
How do I find the Court Id, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number or License Plate Number? You can locate the information on your traffic ticket or Time Payment Order, issued by the court. You can also view a sample of the ticket or Time Payment Order on-line, by clicking on the link for the samples, on the search page.
What if the plate number written on the traffic ticket does not match the license plate of the vehicle on the ticket? Contact the Municipal Court to notify them of the discrepancy.
What if I don't have my ticket information? In order to inquire on a traffic ticket in NJMCdirect.com, a Court ID, Traffic Ticket Number and the License Plate Number must be entered. You may contact the Municipal Court where the ticket was issued for further information.
If I received a traffic ticket today, will it be available to be viewed or paid today? A traffic ticket is usually available to view on NJMCdirect.com between 1 to 4 days after it is issued. If a ticket is not available, please try again later.
Can all tickets be paid through NJMCdirect.com? Only tickets that are issued for a payable violation and do not require a court appearance can be paid through NJMCdirect.com. If a ticket is payable you can select the ticket and the "Continue" to pay.
What tickets can be paid through NJMCdirect.com? In order for a ticket to be eligible for payment through NJMCdirect.com, it must meet the following criteria:
  • The violation is a payable violation.
  • The officer who issued the ticket did not indicate a court appearance was required.
  • No warrants have been issued for the ticket.
  • The ticket may be on a Time Payment Order.
Can I view all my traffic tickets with my plate or driver's license number? NJMCdirect.com does not allow a lookup by license plate number or driver's license number. You will need a NJ traffic ticket to use NJMCdirect.com.
What if I only want to view my traffic ticket? NJMCdirect.com will allow you to view your ticket on-line, without making a payment.
What if I already paid my ticket? NJMCdirect.com will allow you to view a paid traffic ticket. Traffic tickets paid over 90 days prior may not be available on NJMCdirect.com. Contact the court for specific ticket information.
Terms and Messages Description
NJMCdirect is unable to locate the ticket information. Please contact the court to resolve this matter, or refer to the back of the traffic ticket for alternate payment options. NJMCdirect cannot locate the ticket entered. Please contact the municipal court directly regarding this ticket or Time Payment Order.
NJMCdirect inquiries and payments for tickets are not available. Please contact the court directly to inquire or make a payment. Special conditions exist for the ticket entered. Contact the municipal court directly for information regarding this ticket.
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